and that makes 4

March 12, 2014

We became a family of FOUR. Welcome little dude. We love you and are blessed to have you as a member of our family. Praising God for the birth story I have and will tell soon. Thankful that Alfie was able to be a part of the experience and for her ability to work with changes so far.


Catching Up

So it’s been a few days. My baby girl woke up sick on Friday morning after having a horrible nights sleep on Thursday….which means a horrible night sleep for mom. After 2 nights of that I was exhausted. Thankfully it was only 2 nights. She seems to be on the mend with night sleep and is clearing up with the snotty/runny nose. Thankfully, she’s a happy sick kid and doesn’t give me too much grief during the day. :) Needless to say I didn’t do much above taking care of her for a few days.

A few things I did accomplish these last few days:

Crockpot Pumpkin Oats - although I used this recipe from her Instagram page and the only thing I didn’t like about it was that it wasn’t sweet….then I read her blog recipe…so I’m going to try that one next! I love her blog and now that she’s a mom it’s even more fun for me to see how she handles her day because it shows me it’s possible. Plus she’s great spiritual inspiration and got me hooked on the daily devotional She Reads Truth.

Wonder Woman Costume – I finally stayed up late the two nights Amelia slept well and finished her costume. I’m tempted to cut the sleeves to make it short sleeve. Haven’t decided yet. Still need to finish her “boots” (red socks with white line down front) and attaching her Lasso of Truth to her tutu. Here’s a pic of the finished product so far.

I also received an Kuerig from my hubby! I said I would never have one but now that I’m trying to wake before the household and have some quiet time, it definitely comes in handy for my quick first (and only) cup of coffee. I feel like I sold out a bit on the french press and trying to keep it simple, but the exhausted mom in me doesn’t really care. I can see myself wanting to kiss it and say good morning each day. ;)

I promise I’ll get better with pictures. I’m still trying to get used to blogging daily-ish. :)

my first ministry

Wow. The last few days have been crazy. This past weekend A and I went to Lost Canyon as visitors during a college Young Life camp. I was excited to go at first. Then I realized it was probably going to be more work than I had anticipated or wanted. Originally I was going to go on my own, have my own retreat, a nice get-away. Then I realized it was selfish of me to leave her with hubby while he had a HUGE test for his architecture licensing that  Wednesday. So I chose to take her with me but forgot to change my expectations. I’m sure all you moms can see where this is going. Anyway, instead of enjoying a wonderful weekend with my daughter and making memories for us, I chose to hold tight to the wishes and desires of hanging out with friends and being able to do everything, that I just became frustrated.

I texted my mom and asked if she could take her for a few hours when we got home. I needed a break badly. Thankfully she was available and after feeding A lunch we went to Grandma’s. I came home and thought I would sleep. Then I thought I should probably be productive and clean. THEN I realized that I should do what I wanted to do all weekend and open my Bible and catch up on my devotions. Let me just tell you what a BLESSING it was to do that. I ended up feeling refreshed and revived.

Well, today was Women’s Bible Study at my church. I went and was too exhausted to fully pay attention to the main points of the teaching in the main lesson but I was excited to get into small groups and see everyone again. Right after the teaching I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we chatted about how things were going. At one point in our discussion she said (roughly), “well your children are your first ministry so being able to feed into them is big and you need to be fed.” I took that to heart knowing she was right even though I sometimes feel “guilty” for not investing in other service activities at the moment.

Small group started and we slowly got into a conversational back and forth between women. It ended up going into how we, as moms, have a first ministry in our kids and sometimes we may not like doing what we are doing but we need to be doing it. I almost dropped my jaw. I hadn’t said a word about my conversation with my friend…or a word at all! It wasn’t 10 minutes earlier that my friend said those exact words and another lady said it. This whole talk was women saying how they sometimes felt useless, tired, not wanting to do what they were doing, etc…..but how we are called to be moms and that is our first ministry. I needed this. I needed to hear other women wish sometimes they weren’t moms. I needed to hear other women say they felt frustrated when they had to sacrifice things. I needed to hear other women say it’s ok to feel that way but you must focus on the task at hand and train up our children. I needed that.

Had I changed my expectations prior to going to the camp this weekend I would have had a different outcome. I know it. Had I focused myself and said, “you won’t be staying with your friends in the same cabin because of A, you can’t expect to do all the activities with them, you can’t expect to really get to sit in any of the talks because she will want to play” I believe we would have had a better weekend. Maybe not perfect….well probably not perfect but better. I would have focused on playing with her outside, walking into the forest just her and I looking at rocks and pinecones, taking pictures of her awesomeness, and just being happy for the time away from the heat.

So my next trip alone with her I must remind myself of this. Things are different. Sometimes it’s hard to sacrifice but it’s for the greater good. It’s for her.

Sadly these are the only pics I took

IMG_20131019_123639 IMG_20131019_155408 IMG_20131019_153449

happy may day

Ok, so I’ve been absent. I’m sorry. I’m starting anew for the month of May! Here’s a few things that have been going on lately around the Fulton Farm.

  • Our chickens are laying wonderfully and we get between 4 and 6 eggs a day! We’ve been able to bless family, neighbors, and friends with fresh eggs!
  • We’ve planted some vegetables and they have been growing little by little. It’s a start to getting our soil in tip top shape for, one day, eating significantly off our land for produce.
  • Our fruit trees are doing well. We lost 3 in the freeze we had a while ago but 7 survived!! We have some peaches and plums starting to sprout.
  • Solar panels have been installed and are active. Let’s seen how well they help us out.
  • We got a 1980′s VW Vanagon and Brady is currently working on the engine. Just a fun little family project!
  • And last but not least (or at least of what I can remember right now), Amelia is almost ONE! I can’t believe this girl will be ONE! She’s growing, learning, and just changing so much. Love her to pieces!
So there’s a quick catch up for you. Not very great but it’s late and I need to get to bed. I’ll do my best to blog more.

a day in the life

recently my cousin asked to know what a day in the life of me looks like. i’m hoping to record this as accurate as possible….but it’s been a few days since the day i planned to write this so we’ll see. good thing i took pictures to try to remind me. :)

a day of staying at home and no errands looks roughly like this.

february 28th

7 am: amelia wakes up – anywhere between 6-7 is her wake time

7-9 am: nurse – breakfast and play (daddy usually takes her after i nurse so i can groggily wake up and fix breakfast)

9: went down for nap – anywhere between 9-10 – this is when i shower, do dishes, other chores or just misc things i want to get done

10:30: amelia wakes – usually naps for about 1-1.5 hrs. then we figure out what to wear

and take a happy picture (i showered but no time to do hair)

then someone decided to be cranky

do more chores – laundry was on the schedule today, folding and hanging, pictured below in the sakura bloom sling as we hang clothes

and then the dishes were calling

best invention. ever.

11:30 – time for amelia’s lunch (and for me to sit and relax)

then lunch for me and some puree for A
we decide today we need to hang outside for a bit and watch molly chase her ball. amelia loves her doggy…especially when she runs fast.

1:20 – down for her nap – finish doing my hair and other misc chores

2:30 – wakes up – she definitely takes after me when waking up…not too happy at first. we nurse and then play some more. sometimes while i clean and organize her room. sometimes daddy takes her for a little if he’s done with work.

6 pm – our evening stroll

6:30 – start preparing room for bed, draw shades and lay out pj’s and diaper, dim lights and nurse. then put pj’s on and overnight diaper and put into crib.

7:00 – usually asleep

so there you have it. a rough outline of a day at home. we didn’t have any errands to run and had plenty of chores to do at home. i’ll write another post soon about a busy day or just one that we do more outside of the house. i try to only go out after her morning nap. if she misses that she tends to get overtired and it’s even harder to get her to nap after.



things that make you go hmmm

i had a baby. and then i lost my friends. it’s strange how sometimes you don’t see something coming and then it’s already passed you by and has been gone for some time. i sort of understand. i mean when you get married you lose some friends. ones that just don’t get how to still be your friend. but i don’t get it as well.

you don’t change….if anything you grow.

just recently i’ve been feeling lonely. not in a depressing way but enough to make me think about it. i see pictures and posts of girlfriends out with each other for a night of dinner or just girl time and i wonder “where was my invite?” i would have been invited if i didn’t have a baby. i know that for a fact because i have been there in the past. so why not extend an invite still? maybe we can’t come because we can’t find a babysitter, or i’m/we’re too tired, or something…..but please still extend the invite.

i don’t want to lose my past, my friends, my ability to go out on the town. i want to still have “grown up” time and laughter and experiences with friends. and i know it’s hard being on the other side not knowing if we’re too busy being parents. i guess it’s partially my fault as well. hubby made a good point about maybe not investing as much into their lives as i used to. but i do have a good reason. a baby takes up a TON of time. researching and learning the “do’s and don’ts”, training on sleep, getting enough sleep of your own, getting your normal housework done on top of cranky baby days…’s tiring.

oh well. maybe this is a new season for new friends. we’ll not worry too much about it and just let things happen…..and try to consciously invest more into their lives.

quick review

i’m going over my goals again for my sake. i obviously have been away for a while and i can’t even remember what they are. does this just speak failure!? :)

-blog once a day (buzzer sound) – obviously this has failed. but i can fix that pretty easily.

-start the 14 weeks of real food challenge (follow here) – STARTING 6TH – this is going to be revisited later in the year. we got to week 3 which was only local meat…but had just gone to costco and bought meat. so we will see later. this also means i have to be organized and kick butt…..aaaaaaaand sometimes that just doesn’t work. :)

-start exercising daily (buzzer sound) – no excuses. just lazy.

-read scripture daily (follow She Reads Truth) (buzzer sound) – same as above. march has a good idea starting so hoping it gets things going.

-organize one room of the house and declutter it every month – january’s not over! - i redid my kitchen and laundry room! i guess i should blog about that! 

-finish the nursery! – first room on my list for previous goal – the nursery is getting closer and closer! 

-clean out my closet and get basic essentials – we’ll revisit this list mid year – hasn’t started but with birthday money i may be able to complete this! although there’s a desire to buy a nice steam mop for my floors now that Amelia is crawling.

-start juicing – i guess i should unbox my nutribullet, clean it, and learn how to use it! (buzzer sound) – ugh, organization seems to be my weakest point but at times can be my best.

-choose joy (thanks to NHerShoes) – meh….day 3 and i’m already running out of this one but I did buy something to help. – meh….. :)

EIGHT months

It is impossible to get this girl to sit still. The #8 was torn within two seconds of being place.


  • Pull yourself up all on your own
  • Are starting to have tantrums at times
  • Love daddy-daughter time in the mornings
  • Love hanging upside down
  • Got your two top teeth

SIX months!!!

i found it! i knew i had taken it but couldn’t seem to find the pictures on my computer. here it is……super late but i’m glad i haven’t messed up this idea yet. ;)


  • rolled over on belly from back on your own
  • conquered sleep training for nighttime
  • cut bottom two front teeth
  • 2nd plane trip to WA
  • first time to beach
  • first halloween